Individual Membership


AMDA Tech Certification

As an Individual member of the AMDA you will have the ability to challenge the various levels of Tech Certification. With AMDA Certification, you will be a profit generating team member at your shop and a leader in our industry. You will be able to network with other AMDA members to share information and experiences and have a leg up on the competition for great jobs in our industry.  You will be able to build your own network to connect with like-minded pros with whom you can exchange knowledge and ideas. 


The AMDA will partner with schools and industry to provide the education and training on the basics of maintenance, repairs, tire changes, basic suspension and diagnosis. You will also learn advanced troubleshooting, diagnosis and problem solving with drive trains, engines, electrics and electronics. There will be specialty classes in engine upgrades and performance as well as learning all about the newest models.


We believe that formal education if very important. We also believe that hands on learning is extremely valuable. You will be able to take the various written exams first. After you have passed those, you can then take the Hands On Challenge Exams proctored by an AMDA Certified professional who themselves have passed the exams. You will be able to earn Entry, General and Advanced Certifications which will put you at the head of the line for employment.

This is Pros testing Pros.


You will be required to complete continuing education hours each year which will reflect the newest models of vehicles and products. With this and your good standing within the motorcycle community, you will maintain your certification

Continuing Education

The AMDA will offer approved CE classes throughout the year our their regional and national events. We will also keep a list of AMDA approved classes offered throughout the industry by manufacturers, shop and educational facilities.

Job Postings

Shops are looking for quality staff globally. With AMDA certifications, you will not only be the first on the list, but will quality for a higher level of pay. Pay will vary regionally and by shop and your certifications will remove a great deal of anxiety from the employer's shoulders.